Healthy Seedlings

"Water them, feed them, give them sunshine, and they will grow"


Care Philosophy

Young children often direct their behavior in undesirable ways due to unmet needs. Their are common goals for their behaviors. As their guardian, parent, and role model, the best approach to their behavior problems is to identify the need and help them learn more appropriate ways to handle the conflict. Contact us to learn your child’s specific needs to develop a healthy self-esteem, satisfying relationship, and strong connection to the world.


If we as a young child ourselves did not have specific needs or wants met, we interpret this information and save it into our minds in a child’s way called “schemas”. We then navigate through life with this existing schema about people, relationships, or the world – which may hinder the accommodation of new knowledge. Often times we get stuck or conflict arises based on personal schemas and reach an inpasse. Are you in an inpasse? Contact us to identify your specific schema. Learn to break free with an objective viewpoint in a warm, safe, professional environment. Learn to outgrow self-identified memories that no longer serve it’s purpose.